Shorten the time it takes to start your own consulting firm.

Proven tools, systems, and training for people looking to start a leadership consulting company.

What is 360 Solutions?

360 Solutions was started by Chip Wilson, with a desire to help individuals start, build and operate their own consulting business. We are perfectly positioned to provide our partners the opportunity to become invaluable to their clients’ business growth through training, curriculum, assessments, and technology.

Our Philosophy

We believe leaders are the critical force that shapes organizational results. The traditional "command and control" model is not adequate in most industries to drive outstanding performance. We teach a new model of leadership and help leaders design collaborative, nimble organizations in which each person is a contributing partner in the business. 

What's the role of a Strategic Partner?

Help bring the Principles of High Performance into organizations while creating a entrepreneurial lifestyle for yourself as a 360 Solutions Strategic Partner. We give you all the tools needed to you start your own business leadership consulting firm.


Benefits of Partnering

Freedom and Flexibility

Enjoy working when and where you desire. 99% of your meetings will be on-site which means you don’t have to have the high overhead of an office unless you choose to.

Work from home

85% of our strategic partner’s office out of their home. There are tax benefits as well.

Help others

Be a mentor for others, both personally and professionally.

Advanced Curriculum

Our training and consulting courses are the best in the world and have been used in hundreds of businesses.


Be a part of a large network of Strategic Partners.


Be a leader in your community. You will be known as the employee education expert!

Full-time Support Staff

You are assigned a marketing director to support you in your business and marketing needs.

Proven System

Learn our proven system to start, build, and run your own business.

360 Academy

We offer lifetime tuition for our training events. Our advanced training will teach you how to run a successful business as well as be a dynamic employee training specialist.

Ready to start? See if 360 Solutions is a good fit for you!